Watch the Spring Agora Rhein-Neckar opening ceremony as stream

Only 15 minutes until the Spring-Agora Rhein-Neckar starts. If you could not make it, be sure to check out the Live-Stream of our event.

Just follow this link!


Let's get the party started!

Welcome to the first day of the Spring Agore Rhein-Neckar! While the participants keep arriving, the organizers are stil preparing everything for the big opening ceremony in two and a half hours! We all hope that you will have a great time in Mannheim!

If you have any News for us that you feel should be shared on the website or on one of our social media channels, feel free to contact us! See you all at the opening ceremony


~cheers Julian

We would do anything for Green Travelling!

AEGEE-Mannheim is the winner of the InterRail competition „How would you promote sustainable travelling?“!


New Patron

Today we can announce a new patron of the Rhein-Neckar Agora: Winfried Kretschmann, Minister-President of the state of Baden-Württemberg and President of the German Bundesrat.

New Sponsor

Today we present the first supporter of the Rhein-Neckar Agora:

Also interested in becoming one of our partners? Get more information here.

Another way to support us is given at, Germany's largest donation platform. Just check out the link for further information.

New Webpage

Finally we finished our webpage! Here you can find information about the place of the Agora, the City of Mannheim and the University of Mannheim in particular. Furthermore we'd like to present you the core-team and our patrons and sponsors. Booklets, Videos and other material for the press can be found here.

New Sponsor

We are proud to welcome a new company as a promoter of the Rhein-Neckar-Agora:

Also interested in becoming one of our partners? Get more information here.

Facebook Page

To get the latest news of the planning process and other information about the upcoming Spring Agora 2013 in Mannheim just visit our Facebook page on