Green Travelling Competition




Train Hitchhiking or Bobby Car Caravans?

How far would you go for Green Travelling?

A few months ago we participated in the InterRail competition "How would you promote sustainable travelling?". Our concept was called "We would do anything for Green Travelling" and it was designed to motivate you, the participants of the Spring Agora Rhein-Neckar 2013, to find the 'greenest way' to come to Mannheim.

We created four postcards which are meant  to inspire you for your trip by showing you how far we would go for a 'green' Agora.

Now it’s your turn! What would you do for Green Travelling?

Find the 'greenest way' to reach the Spring Agora Rhein-Neckar, put your idea into practice by really travelling to the Agora in this creative way and send us a video or a photo to until Friday, the 5th of April. The two best ideas will be rewarded with 100€ each and the winners will be announced at the Spring Agora Rhein-Neckar 2013. 

We are looking forward to your submissions and we wish a safe 'green' trip to Mannheim!