How to apply


The Spring Agora Rhein-Neckar 2013 is a statutory event of AEGEE. In case you would like to apply, your AEGEE-antenna has to send you. If you are an AEGEE-member already, please contact the board of your antenna. If you are not a member yet, please find the closest local group on the list of antennas.

The application will be available on the statutory website after an open call for participants on ANNOUNCE-L, the european mailing list of AEGEE. The application period started on 4th of January and ends on the 3rd of February (for visa and non-visa applicants). Local boards have until the 6th of February to confirm the applications. Please note that applying for a statutory meeting does NOT automatically mean that you are accepted. The list of accepted participants will be available from the 12th of February onwards.

More details on the application, selection and confirmation process will be published here soon.