How to come to Mannheim

The Agora will take place at Mannheim Castle, which is located in the city center of Mannheim. Do not be irritated by the street names here. Due to the fact that the streets and avenues of Mannheim’s city center are designed in squares and arranged in a grid pattern (just like a chessboard, a unique design within Germany), Mannheim is nicknamed "Quadratestadt" ("City of Squares"). Furthermore, the streets are distinguished by letters and numbers rather than names. The auditorium for example is located in A3, while the town hall is in E5 etc.

A detailed map of the city will be provided in your welcome package.


Address of the accommodation during the Agora:

IGMH ("Integrierte Gesamtschule Mannheim-Herzogenried")

Herzogenriedstraße 50

68169 Mannheim


How to get to Mannheim:


Before choosing from the list below one of the conventional and boring ways of travelling, check out our Green Travelling Competition and find a creative 'green' method of reaching the Agora Rhein-Neckar. The planet will thank you and if your idea is creative enough you might even be one of the winners of our competition!

By car:

Follow the instructions from
Two hints:

1. It is almost impossible to find parking spaces within the city center, especially free of charge ones. If you want to park free of charge, you have to check the suburbs of Mannheim.

2. Be aware of the Low Emission Zone within Mannheim. You have to buy a so-called  "Umwelt-Plakete" – a sticker you have to put on your car in order to be allowed to enter several city centers within Germany. For more information click on the following link (English version):




By bus: (a website which compares several bus companies)

The bus stop for international arrivals is next to the train station and from there it takes around 15 minutes to walk to the city center and to the castle. The airport busses leaving from Frankfurt-Hahn and Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden also stop at this bus station in Mannheim.

Address Bus Stop (ZOB Mannheim)
International buslines
68161 Mannheim


By train (Deutsche Bahn):

Many ICEs (Inter City Express; fast but expensive) stop in Mannheim. Cheaper are ICs (Inter City) or RE/RB (regional trains).

Also check the possibility to book cheap tickets (so called "Europa Spezial") here:


By plane - International airports nearby Mannheim

Frankfurt am Main airport, FRA (distance: ≈ 70 km) – almost all airlines


from Frankfurt International Airport to Mannheim
- via airport shuttle: about one hour, depending on traffic (timetable airport shuttle:
- via (rented) car: about one hour, depending on traffic -
- via Inter City Express (ICE): half an hour, expensive -
- via Inter City (IC) or regional train (RE/RB): about one hour, cheaper -

Baden Airpark, FKB (distance: ≈ 100 km) – Ryanair, airberlin, SunExpress, Freebird Airlines, Sky Airlines, Tailwind Airlines


timetable airport shuttle: (just click on the second tab Fahrpläne in the menu on the left side and you will be redirected to a bilingual version of the page)

Frankfurt Hahn airport, HHN (distance: ≈ 130 km) – Ryanair, Wizz Air, SunExpress


timetable airport shuttle: (just click on the second tab Fahrpläne in the menu on the left side and you will be redirected to a bilingual version of the page)


Stuttgart airport, STR (distance: ≈ 140 km) - Lufthansa, Germanwings, airberlin