Social Program


Suit up - Party - It's time to take your cocktail dresses and suits out of the closet again. Let's make our opening ceremony glamorous!


Easter Party - Cute bunny? Playboy bunny? Be creative and dress up! Surprise us with your costume, and we will surprise YOU!

Fitness Party - Show us your favourite sports outfit! Whether it's a hoodie or colourful leggings - it doesn't matter as long as it is comfortable and sporty.

Crossdressing Party - Let's exchange roles and show the guys how difficult it is to walk around in high heels while demonstrating to the girls how complicated it is to impress the unapproachable ladies.

Back to the roots: The Cultural European Night is back! - One night full of up-to-date music from all over Europe, as well as traditional dances and inspirational shows performed by AEGEEans! Even though it's not possible to bring your own food and beverages from your country, we will make the night and drinks memorable for you! Furthermore, we would like you to bring a white t-shirt and a marker so you can collect all your AEGEE friends' signatures, lovely notes and phone numbers and obtain a unique reminder of the time spent with your friends at the Spring Agora Rhein-Neckar.

For the European Night please send music specific to your country to