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In today’s world customers are looking for new ways to be delighted whereby the latest products and
services have to meet their stringent requirements.
Organisations have to be able to produce many fresh ideas, turn these into valuable solutions and then
offer them in an irresistible way to their customers.
During the BMPC-workshop participants will learn, practice and experience what it takes to boost
ideation, to turn business models in-side-out and how to connect with customers.

Learning Objectives
  • Familiarise with tools and techniques accelerating ideation and creative problem solving
  • Be able to apply these tools and techniques on real business cases
  • Understand the key aspects around business models and be capable of building exciting business models
  • Recognise the ways how to connect with the customer and know how to inspire and motivate customers by delivering a stunning sales pitch
  • Tracks for boosting the ideation and creative process
  • Building blocks of a business model
  • Several ways to connect with customers
  • Main elements of a perfect pitch

Target group
Anyone who wishes to come up with new ideas on the spot and wishes to deliver value for the customers through innovative business models.

Other details
Duration: 4 hours
Number of participants: 36